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BLAZE THCA Disposable Vape Pen 5500mg White Widow


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Venture into the realm of vaping excellence with the BLAZE THCA Disposable Vape Pen, specifically designed for aficionados of the iconic White Widow hybrid strain. BLAZE invites you to savor an unparalleled vaping journey that marries the ancient allure of White Widow with modern extraction artistry.

Key Features of Blaze THC Vapes:

  • Strain Profile: White Widow – One of the most legendary cannabis strains globally, White Widow is revered for its balanced energy. Known for its thick layer of white trichomes, this hybrid offers a burst of euphoria followed by a cosmic calm, accompanied by a subtle yet tantalizing hint of earthy pine and sweet citrus.

  • Exquisite BLAZE Blend: Packed within each pen is our signature BLAZE Blend – a masterful concoction of Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC. This blend harmonizes the nuanced effects of each THC variant, crafting an enriched experience that accentuates the renowned characteristics of White Widow.

  • Potency: Dive deep into the essence of THCA with a staggering 5,500mg of the finest Live Rosin THC cannabis extract. This potent offering delivers a crisp, unadulterated flavor and potency, serving the true spirit of the White Widow in each inhale.

  • Ample Oil Chamber: For sustained vaping pleasure, the cartridge proudly offers a generous 5.5gr/5.500ml oil capacity. This design ensures prolonged sessions and an intensified bond with the essence of White Widow.

  • Reliable Energy: Powered by a Micro USB rechargeable disposable battery, the pen boasts an impressive 350mAh capacity. This ensures each session is consistent in delivering the quality and potency that BLAZE is renowned for.

The BLAZE THCA Disposable Pen is not just a device; it's an odyssey. Revel in the equilibrium of White Widow, as its signature effects take you on a rollercoaster of invigoration and tranquility. Elevate your vaping experience; choose BLAZE for a connection to cannabis legends.



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