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Lost THC 6 gram Disposable - Dosi Punch | 6g Hybrid: Dosi PunchLost THC 6 gram Disposable - Alien OG | 6g Hybrid : Alien OGLost THC 6 gram Disposable - Pineapple Punch | 6g Sativa: Pineapple PunchLost THC 6 gram Disposable - Strawberry Diesel | 6g Sativa: Strawberry DieselLost THC 6 gram Disposable - Grape Pie Hoe | 6g Indica: Grape Pie HoeLost THC 6 gram Disposable -Zkittlez | 6g Indica: ZkittlezLost THC 6 gram Disposable - Gary Payton OG | 6g Sativa: Gary Payton OGLost THC 6 gram Disposable -Wappa | 6g Hybrid: WappaLost THC 6 gram Disposable - Skywalker Og | 6g Indica: Skywalker OG

Lost THC 6 gram Disposable - Sour Jack


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Introducing Lost THC 6 gram Disposable - Sour Jack, an incredible vaping experience packed with an enticing flavor profile. Crafted by expert artisans, this disposable THC vape pen offers an easy and hassle-free way to enjoy the goodness of cannabis.

. High-quality THC: Each Lost THC disposable pen is infused with top-grade THCA, ensuring a potent and satisfying vaping experience.
- Long-lasting: With its generous 6-gram capacity, this sleek and compact vape pen provides substantial vaping sessions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the Sour Jack experience.
- Convenient and portable: Designed for on-the-go use, the Lost THC disposable pen is lightweight and pocket-sized, making it perfect for discreetly enjoying your favorite strain wherever you are.
-. No charging or refilling necessary: This disposable vape pen offers maximum convenience by eliminating the need for charging or refilling. Simply open, indulge, and discard responsibly.
- Easy-to-use design: The user-friendly design ensures a seamless vaping experience. Just inhale from the mouthpiece, and you're good to go – no buttons or complicated settings required.
- Outstanding flavor: Sour Jack, known for its tangy and citrusy taste, delights the senses with each puff, combining the perfect balance of sour and sweet notes.
- Lab-tested for quality: Prioritizing utmost safety and quality, Lost THC products undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure every pen meets the highest industry standards.

Elevate your vaping experience with Lost THC 6 gram Disposable - Sour Jack – a stylish, portable, and flavorful THC-infused disposable pen tailor-made for enthusiasts seeking convenience and quality.

Ingredients:THCA Liquid Diamond x THCP x D8 x 11-Hydroxy x THC-B

We only use Natural hemp derived cannabinoids that come directly from flower

Available In 10 Flavors

Strawberry Diesel, Sour Jack, Gary Payton OG, Pineapple Punch, Alien OG, Dosi Punch, Wappa, Zkittles, Skywalker OG, Grape Pie Hoe

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